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Duncan Marshall
ECD, Droga5
The Skittles campaign; you know something is great when every other ad for snacks and candy tries and fails to copy it. Except for Starburst "Berries & Cream." Still genius. This was my uniform at school, by the way. Rock of Love, VH1. Best thing on TV all year. The GoldKit infomercial has a stunning strategy that convinces people to send in their "worthless and dusty old gold jewelry" in return for cash.

Ted Royer
ECD, Droga5
There's one clear one for me. The Halo 3 diorama ad, where the camera moves through still figures. Best ad I've seen all year. I absolutely love it. It hits me on the level of fan as well as ad nerd. Great work.

Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Droga5
Robert Elms' morning radio show on the London bus routes; Skittles ads; Cadbury "Gorilla"; Google SketchUp; "Battle at Kruger" on YouTube.

Brian Carmody
Executive Producer, Co-Founder, Smuggler
Ringan Ledwidge's work...a truly great talent and a great guy.

Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer, Co-Founder Smuggler
An equally scared and excited Randy Krallman gets into awkward poses with bears on a large Twister board; the new Skittles work—some of the best work I've seen; the Bats for Lashes music video by Dougal Wilson; Vodafone "Cartwheel" by Ringan Ledwidge.

Lisa Rich
COO, Smuggler
Sweet and fanciful—Sony Bravia "Play Doh."

Allison Kunzman
Executive Producer, Smuggler
Cadbury ["Gorilla"] —clever and made you actually dig Phil Collins 20 years later.

Directors, Smuggler
We are huge fans of Daft Punk. Their live show blew us away even though we saw it four times. The band pushes the limits with everything they do and takes risks, something we should always strive for. Our friend Martin Ruhe shot the Joy Division film, Control, with Anton Corbijn. It was great to see Martin's journey with the film and to see him push the limits as a cinematographer. The indelible proof of his beautiful risk-taking is right there on the screen. We were also very proud of our assistant and collaborator Trevor McMahan, who directed his first music video for the band Menomena. A fantastic accomplishment and spectacular piece of film. Also, our Happy team launched a film festival hybrid event called Happy Hour. Each night involves performance, film, and a lot of creativity. We put the theater back into cinema.

Randy Krallman
Director, Smuggler
I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but that YouTube sneezing panda video and Neill Blomkamp's live action Halo 3 clips both made me very happy.

Director, Smuggler
Anything Ivan Zacharias' skinny Czech fingers touches turns out pretty golden.

Jon Watts
Director, Smuggler
Getting really deep into the YouTube community and online videos. The Professor Brothers and Y'all So Stupid on Superdeluxe. Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Skittles "Touch"

Nathan Cooper
ECD, London, R/GA
Off the top of my head, and aside from the NikeID Studio at Nike Town here in London, I have got to say I loved the Orange Unlimited work that came out of Poke London, simply for its depth and interactivity. Plus the Halo 3 launch site by Bungie Studios was beautifully pitched at a very hungry audience, awesome. . .

Barbara Hamilton
Havaianas: I loved this campaign the minute I saw it. Every detail on the website is perfect starting with the texture of the flip-flops for the background to the bright whimsical Peter Max-type of visuals and the funky music. I loved the print ads with flip-flops camouflaged as flowers with perfect copy that read, "Flowers, but they should be watered with sea water." The outdoor has big colorful visuals painted on buildings and 3D flip-flops. What a sight to see when the weather has you down.

Chris Hinkle
Associate Technical Creative Director, R/GA
Get The Glass: High production values made the digital execution stand out. The right design and a dose of Keep It Simple also made it fun and enjoyable. It's the perfect intersection of creativity and technology. Uniqlock: Instant infatuation. Someone else had to tell me what it was, but it I loved it just the same. It's an extravagant, charming utility wrapped in pure intrigue. Halo 3: I never get tired of that snorkel lens. This one was cool online, but really sang on TV. It definitely grabbed my attention and made me want to like shoot-em-up games.

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