The Power of Three

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This year I decided to make only one resolution. Instead of my usual "lose five pounds," I decided to really go for it and lose five tons. Five tons of CO2 emissions, that is.

There are a plethora of tips out there on what you can do to lower what is known as your carbon footprint. In fact, there are so many, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Is it enough to switch off your lights when you leave your office and unplug your toaster? Methinks not, even though these are all good things to do. So what's a reasonable way to go about this?

I decided to rely on something that is known as the Power of Three. Only in this way could I map out a year of shedding my five tons. Here's my plan:

Pick three things you can do this very week.
Simple things can be done in a matter of minutes like eliminating your screen saver, putting your electronics on power strips that you shut off at night, and avoiding paper coffee cups by using your own mug. Mission already accomplished? Suggest that everyone at your office do so too.

Pick three things you can do over the next month.
These require a little bit more time like getting an energy audit, going to the store and buying LEDs to replace all your light bulbs, and installing clock thermostats and water filters. Once you've done these things at home, get them done at the office. . .and then get your clients to do them.

Pick three things you can do over the next year.
These are the most fun. For example, convince your employer to mandate hybrid car rentals when you travel, write a letter to your local mayor asking that your city become an LED City, get your office to install solar panels or replace two flights with video conference calls.

If you're stuck for ideas, email me ([email protected]) and I'll send you a list. Otherwise, I suggest the following sites for calculating your carbon footprint:
Here's to a low-carbon diet for 2008!
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