Why You Can't Even Have a Conversation About Politics These Days

Concept of "Reviewing" Eludes Certain Mammals

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So I write a column saying Schwarzenegger will win because of his advertising. Not "I love Schwarzenegger." Not "what a great governor." Not even "this ad moves me, personally." Just that the campaign masterfully labels -- and dooms -- the opponent. That's what I do. I review ads.

But here's how at least one reader responded.

Truly pathetic. Are you one of those people who votes for whomever you see the most commercials for, or whomever you think is more attractive? Sounds like it. From this article, I can't help but think that you truly Can't Believe It's Not Butter. I bet you have a stick of "Head-On" in your hand right now, don't you? You may want to test the lead/mercury content of your drinking water.

I long for the days when people like you were regarded as the village idiots, and simply ignored.

Put your little helmet back on, have some juice and cookies, and try not to hurt yourself today, OK?

Eric Horgan
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