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Comcast Must Die, Part 2: The Revenge

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My customer-disservice experience with Qualmcast, unsurprisingly enough, turns out to be tragically commonplace. Carelessness. Indifference. Dishonesty. Highhandedness. These are chapters in the corporate playbook -- at least, if the responses to my post are any indication.

Maybe Comcast would say these are the regrettable consequences of vast infrastructure, rapid growth and the technical nature of the product. (Actually, they wouldn't say that. They'd say "We always strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and we work very hard to improve every aspect of our customer-service interface. We genuinely regret every instance, no matter how small, when we fall short." Or some such.)

Alas, that's bullshit. The fundamental blame belongs to Comcast -- and Verizon and Time Warner and any telecom provider that gives employees incentives to sign up new customers and fill as many installation tickets as possible, and ZERO incentive to get it right. That is why they need to be made an example of.

My inbox overflowed with sob stories, many even more appalling than mine. But one provided exactly what I sought, a blueprint for jihad:

Perhaps what should be done is to buy the web domain and establish a blog so that all of the folks that have been screwed by Comcast can tell their story. You could put a link to the new Comcast Jihad website and release a press release to drive traffic to the site. The anger and disgust expressed there would be huge. -- Bob Babcock- Atlanta, GA –Steve Babcock, Roswell, GA

Splendid idea. Maybe it's time for arrogant behemoths to learn what Listenomics really means. Volunteers?
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