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Garfield: the Blog. What could have possibly taken so long? Well, never mind. Here it is. Life is worth living again.

You may ask: "You already have channels for your extraordinarily trenchant opinions via Ad Age and, so why gild the lily in a space dominated by a triquillion hobbyists, diarists, masturbators and blabbermouths?"

Answer: the Old Media/Marketing model is in mid-collapse. We criticize 30-second TV spots for a living. We have 15 years to go before retirement. Do the math.

Moreover, through the miracle of blogging, the AdReview staff can now comment on ads and other ad-like material at any length we choose. The 600-word column format more or less limits us to subjects about which we can summon 600 words worth of commentary. Over 20-some years, AdReview has reviewed thousands of ads, but there were many tens of thousands more that we would have weighed in on but for the 10 inches of white space that would have been left after "Whoa, this sucks."

Moremoreover, Garfield the Blog permits us to address subject matter in our other area of interest, media, which hitherto we could pontificate on only in our other life as co-host of NPR's On the Media.

Finally, over the coming months, on this site and in full public view, we will be writing a book. It is called "Listenomics," and it will document the real meaning on consumer control as it relates not only to marketing, but to politics and society. We invite you to help us in the process. With any luck, and the good will of the world at large, we will be one author with a triquillion researchers offering basic information, advice, connections, corrections and so on. We expect that process to be complete by the end of the century, provided there is no relapse of carpal tunnel syndrome.

So welcome aboard, or whatever. You'll be hearing from us again.
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