Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew

How a Small Agency and a Small Client Created a Perfect Ad Campaign for the Brave New World

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It started in the indeterminate past. A camp song, or maybe a double-Dutch jump-roping rhyme. It started like this:

My mom gave me a penny, she said to buy a henny

I didn't buy a henny, instead I bought some bubblegum

Bazooka zooka bubblegum

( Bazooka zooka bubblegum

My mom gave me a nickel, she said to buy a pickle...

And so on. There the rhyme sat, just below the surface of the popular culture, when Duval Guillaume, New York, got the Bazooka account from Topps. Then they shot a couple of TV spots, placed on kids channels, directing them to the Bazooka website. There viewers were encouraged to create their own versions of the Bazooka song. A visit to YouTube shows that quite a few have.

What's so nice is there was no clandestine activity to make this happen, no trickery, no Lonelygirl15-style deceit. Just a goofy old rhyme, revived, and a call to action. I'm betting a goofy old brand will be revived, too. And I guess I really can't be all that disappointed that the rhyme's original denouement has somehow been eradicated in the resurrected version. Remember?

My mom gave me a five, she said to stay alive

I didn't stay alive, instead I choked on bubblegum
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