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For Chapter 8 -- "Sometimes You Just Have to Lego"

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In subsequent posts, I'll revisit Chapter 4, "Spot On," about consumer-generated advertising. For the next little while, though, I'm going to turn my attention to Chapter 8, "Sometimes You Just Have to Lego."

The chapter is about consumer involvement in every aspect of your business, and – as the title suggests – fins its purest expression at Lego, the Danish toymaker. As you may recall from the introduction, this was a moribund company that turned itself around shortly after institutionalizing Listenomics in design, engineering and p.r.

I'll be spending a lot of time discussing that experience, but am also casting far and wide for examples. In a week or so, for instance, I'll be visiting an Australian "open-source" beer company called Brewtopia.

But, I'm delighted to report, the techniques of Listenomics are being embraced all over the world, by companies large and small. From toys to beer to software to hotel rooms to hernia pants.. In fact, the latter is exactly what my next post will discuss.

Yeah, that's right, hernia pants. You got a problem with that? .
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