Clueless Guy Gets So Totally Ditched

A Two-Minute Video Pretty Much Captures My Entire Freakin' Book

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Courtesy of TJ McCue from somewhere out in the Bobosphere, check out this video called It's about a guy in a restaurant -- he's the Advertiser -- and his soon-to-be former girlfriend, the Consumer.

She: We don't talk anymore.

He: I just put down a mil on a commercial just to talk to you.

She: Exactly, you do all the talking. I never get the chance to...

He: You can talk on our website, can;t you?

She: Yeah...if I want to say, "Order this product."

He: See?

She: It's not exactly a dialogue.

He: What about the print campaign? Hmm? You can't tell me you missed the billboard in Times Square? That was like a 200-foot-tall declaration of love.

She: You're saying that you love me, but you're not behaving like you love me. It's not genuine.

He: I don't know. The agency said I was genuinely being funny, genuinely being charming. They said you would love EVERYTHING I DID!

She: Would you keep your voice down? You're not doing a radio commercial. Look, whether you're funny or not, it's just...I've changed. And you haven't. I mean, we don't even hang out in the same places anymore.

He: Hmm.

She: You're not even listening, are you?

And so on. The video says it all. The question is, why am I bothering to write a damn book?
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