Comcast Must Die: Part 5

Am I a Whore? Funny You Should Ask.

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Some guy writes to ask me if I'm on the take from some other telecom.

Bob - can you gives us a good faith disclosure that you are not receiving compensation or inducements from another provider of video & broadband services? –Oliver Boulind, New York, NY

These are fighting words, and I'd punch this guy in the nose for questioning my integrity -- except it's not an entirely stupid question. As word-of-mouth guru Andy Sernovitz has discovered, Comcast is so bereft it is paying bloggers to say nice things about its service.

This is from Lutchi, who sells herself for $5 a post: "Pro-blogger ! on my 30's, Pinay at heart living in Georgia. Agriculturist .Cook. Ebay bidder. desperate photographer. part-time digiscrapper. love to eat. brownie addict. computerlizard.serious. wacky.the queen. daughter.sister.mommy of two wild boys. wife of to learnmore things in life!"

And here is what she has to say about Qualmcast:

Are you still looking for the best internet service provider ? then, don't look too far because COMCAST is here and ready to serve you everything that you need.Comcast, is now the leading provider of high speed internet access, and Comcast Digital Voice. Their broadband internet connection is super fast and even beat that Verizon DSL in numerous speed tests.

And if your tired dealing on paying big on your recent phone plan then you might need to consider using their digital Phone service. Right now, you have 3 plans to choose from starting from $39.95 to $54.95 a month. You can get unlimited local and long-distance calling, three way calling/ Caller ID/waiting, voice mail online, and it works with your existing phone. You can enjoy all their cool features without sacrificing anything because you still get what you got from your previous phone services.

I have to tell Joe, about this phone service because it is a lot cheaper and I am hoping they are available on our area. So guys, why not visit them today and check if Comcast Digital Voice is available in your area. And if you have any questions about anything regarding their services please feel free to contact the customer support for more information.

So sleazy, so pathetic and so unnecessary. If Comcast -- or any other gigantic service provider -- wants good buzz, it can get it in exponentially greater volume for for free. All they have to do is treat customers right.

That doesn't mean being flawless. It just means being responsive, diligent and respectful.

Yeah. As if.
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