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For Chapter 4 -- "Spot On"

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In my last post, I offered three reasons Consumer Generated Advertising may be contraindicated.

So, yeah, if you're looking for reasons not put your brand messaging in the hands of the hoi polloi, the Tahoe fiasco would be pretty near the top of the list. Not the very top, however.

The main reason is that Consumer Generated Advertising is still...whatyacallit?.. advertising.

As the first chapter of this book will make abundantly clear, advertising is not the future of marketing. No, it will not entirely disappear. Yes, it will play a role. But the 30-second mini-movie is not a growth industry. Digital tools and database marketing will open channels of communication, and reservoirs of information, that will relegate display advertising as we've known it to a subsidiary role. Most likely, it will serve as a series of signposts – logos and simple messages pointing users to websites where the real action is.

This could happen within 10 years, certainly within 25. So the CGA industry, if it ever becomes an industry, is at best a short-term enterprise., and others are hollering, "Jump in! The water's fine!" But if you're a marketer, you'd be forgiven for not diving headlong into a draining pool.
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