Dude! Dude! Dude! Dude! Dude!

One Problem with Repetition

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We are old and forgetful, which explains why we're a few months late with this. But we're not that forgetful, which is why we're bringing this up in the first place: Bud Light has recently been re-running a spot from DDB Chicago, about a guy who runs into various situations, each of which prompts him to exclaim/comment/inquire "Dude."

Yes, the ad has only one word of copy, repeated with a slightly or not-so-slightly different meaning with each iteration.

It's very well done; the curly-headed actor is fabulous and the word "dude" as a linguistic stem cell is a fabulous idea. But, it was an even more fabulous idea eight years ago, when JWT, Denver, did it for the Ford Focus. Same concept. Same audience. And certainly the same script. Verbatim.

AdReview in general doesn't mind derivative work in advertising. We have said over and over and over that the quest for originality is immaterial, and sometimes antithetical, to the goal of selling the clients' stuff. There's surely plenty of room for reference and homage. Thus are the ethics of the ad ripoff so murky.

So let's put the ethics of this aside. But, dude, what about self respect?
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