Gore-Obama 2008

Political Marketing Strategy 101

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It's all about understanding the marketplace.

1) Any Democratic candidate for president can beat any Republican candidate -- except for Hillary Clinton, who is so widely despised in Middle America she could be beaten by any Republican, and has little chance to defeat Rudy Giuliani.

2) Barring some shocking revelation of criminal wrongdoing, Satanism or steroid use, Hillary can't lose the Democratic nomination. Too big a lead, too much money, etc. Certainly the front-ended primaries mean there can be no convention decision drafting Al Gore or anyone else as the Democratic nominee.

3) Gore has no money or organization to have any chance in the early primaries at this late stage. However...

4) If Barack Obama joined a Gore-Obama ticket and turned over his organization and war chest to Gore, they would sweep the primaries and be unbeatable next November. And Obama would become the odds-on favorite to succeed president Gore in 2012 or 2016.
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