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I Strongly Advise You to Call This Number And Inquire About Their Sleazy Marketing Tactics

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The envelope is one of those peal-a-pouch deals, like from a W2 form or government check. The return address says simply FORM: GOV877-L3. Beneath the adddress line it says "WARNING: $2000 FINE OR 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT OR BOTH FOR ANY PERSON INTERFERING OR OBSTRUCTING WITH DELIVERY OF THIS LETTER. 1702 U.S. CODE.

"Ah," I said. "this looks so much like government correspondence it must be some sleazy mortgage broker camouflaging as official mail.


This particular sleazebag is called Lenders Investment Corp. 1 (800) 646-9477. I would never suggest you harass a business by phone, but perhaps you're interested in inquiring about their rates.

If not, no sweat. A continuing feature of Garfield the Blog will be a department called The Grindstone, in which any fool who tries to trick me, mislead me, exploit me or generallly screw Me The Consumer will get some free publicity. God willing, will come a day when that yields unfortunate consequences for the miscreant.

Next target:

The Dish Network.
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