"Look Out! He's Got My Gun!"

For Chapter 4 -- "Spot On"

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In the last post, I wondered "What's the point of having a revolution if the revolutionaries just imitate the old order?"

That, in fact, is one of the questions that Neil Perry at XLNTads.com might be thinking about. And here are a couple more: Why antagonize your agency or agencies – or publically humiliate them, actually – by soliciting advertising ideas from amateurs, including middle schoolers, morons and perverts? (Not that there isn't an answer to that question – i.e., wake-up call -- but it's certainly something to think about.)

That's one thing. Another is the very real possibility of being shot with your own gun. Who can forget what happened in 2006, when Chevrolet used an episode of "The Apprentice" to promote chevyapprentice.com and a chance to construct a Chevy Tahoe commercial out of components provided on line.

No doubt General Motors would have preferred a bunch of paens to ruggedness and style, off-road capability and payload. That sort of thing. There certainly was some of that. But all the media (and YouTube)attention was focused on stuff showing the gigundous Tahoe lumbering around our fragile environment underneath onscreen copy like this:

Don't give a fuck; it's a lifestyle... 'Cause as the icecaps melt I've got cupholders and live in a fantasy world...so as Inuit cultures drown and die I've got sound dampening technology. No... I've got reality dampening technology... Iraqi blood: $3/gallon. Giddyap.

There's more, but I won't repeat it because it's a little bit more negative. Anyway, you get the idea.

To its credit, GM left even the most scathing videos on the site, wagering (correctly) that it would win more trust and goodwill by hosting the debate instead of suppressing it. But let's just agree that the promotion was less than the p.r. coup Chevy was looking for.
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