The Hammer? Mona Shaw. The Anvil?

The Comcast Jihad Is in Full Swing

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My jihad against Comcast began a month ago. Two weeks ago, the website went up. There are more than 700 comments so far.

In about 680 of them, the writer is expressing abject hatred toward a cable company.

I have no idea how many site vistors there have been. What I do know is that this quest has touched a raw nerve -- and speaking of nerve, Comcast's basic response has been: No worries. Everything is under control.

But, believe me, it isn't. At least, not under Comcast's control. The company's fate is now substantially in our hands. The good news is that, as requested, the company seems to have followed up on the individual complaints when posters have left an account number. That's a start. But the denial continues. All of the company's public statements -- including several posts on -- have missed the point.

It is not enough that we are heard. We must be listened to, as well.

And we will be ignored at the company's peril. I mean, Mona Shaw took a hammer to Comcast, and she's 75.


My sorry little blog is just the beginning. Coverage in the Washington Post, Good Morning America, and many other outlets of the mainstream media and the blogosphere have let the genie out of the bottle. Next regulators and legislators will get involved. Securities analysts will get nervous. The stock price will suffer. Comcast will be chastened. And then, who knows?
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