Harold Ford Jr.'s Attack Ads Are Unbelievably Scummy

Until You Compare Them to the GOP's Racist Travesty, Which Is Right Out of the Ku Klux Klan Field Manual

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Just to prove we're an equal-opportunity scold, Democratic senatorial candidate Harold Ford Jr. behaves like a jackass in some of his attacks on Republican opponent Bob Corker. Here's one of them:

As if being rich were a character flaw. And as if it had anything to do with balancing a municipal budget. This is pretty much a classic example of American political advertising, willing to make Olympic leaps of logic to score cheap points. So, let it be stipulated. Ford is a jerk. Now then, let us look at his GOP opposition. This is one of the spots run by the Republican National Committee in support of nominee Bob Corker:

The factual background is that Congressman Ford went to a Playboy-sponsored party at the Super Bowl, if you can imagine anything so awful. There he apparently was witnessed in proximity to an attractive WHITE WOMAN. Ford, of course, is black. Hence the message of this ad for certain white Tennessee voters: "Meet y'all at the lynchin' tree. This boy wants to sully your pretty little girl."

Incredibly, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman denies that the ad has racial or sexual overtones. He is either ignorant of two-plus centuries of American racial history, or he is a liar. Either way, Corker needs to repudiate the ad run on his behalf, and Mehlman needs to resign.
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