I Am Dead, And I Approve This Ad

Ronald Reagan Joins Elvis, Satchmo and Fred and Ethel as an Endorser From Beyond

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Ronald Reagan is dead. Really. It was in all the papers.

Yet there he is in an ad for for Secretary of the Navy James Webb, who is running for the U.S. Sentate in Virginia.

No surprise there, exactly. The late president is a cult figure, along the lines of Abraham Lincoln and Elvis and L. Ron Hubbard. Death did nothing to slow Reagan-worship down.

What's strange here, though, is that Webb is not running as a Republican. He's the Democratic candidate against incumbent Sen. George Allen, who is also exploring a presidential run even though he is an imbecile. Webb ended up quitting as Navy Secretary in a dispute with the administration over budget cuts, but he's shrewd enough to know that invoking the Sainted One in a conservative, GOP-leaning state can only burnish his image as acceptably centrist for a, you know, Godless tax-and-spend baby-killing Osama-loving Democrat.

Predictably, the Allen campaign has reacted to the Reagan clip the way Islam reacted to the Prophet Mohammed cartoons from Denmark. They claim Webb has blasphemed Reagan's sacred memory by reproducing his graven image and vilely suggesting that Webb's four years of service to the Reagan Administration implied approval.

Whether they will eliminate the Reagan grip-and-grin photo from Allen's own brochures remains to be seen.
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