I Wasn't Shy About Telling You That VONAGE SUCKS

So The Least I can Do Is Tell You That LINKSYS ROCKS

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Never used the words "rocks" as a verb before. I feel ridiculous. But I digress. This is about Linksys.

The other day my wireless router went on the fritz. After 3 hours of screwing around, I finally called the Linksys help line, braced for a nightmare.

I was connected within 30 seconds.

The technician, in Bangalore, I'm assuming, listened carefully to my problem. She then painstakingly walked me through the online repair process. Within 15 minutes, the problem was fixed.

Alas, the fix created a problem with a second computer. I called back and was connected within 15 seconds. A second technician walked me though the online repair process. Now all three computers on the network worked properly.

At no time was I asked to produce code numbers from the original packaging proving that i was the rightful owner. (Perhaps they assumed that the fact that I was calling them about a Linksys router proved that I have a Linksys router.)

In any case, I now love Linksys. I want to have a child with Linksys. I want my adult children to marry Linksys.

And I'm telling EVERYBODY.
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