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A couple of years ago, the entire AdReview staff was this close to getting fired. Hard to believe, I know, but true. I had committed the grave sin of answering a hateful email with a hateful email. The guy questioned AdReview's ethics. AdReview called him a jerk.

This was stupid on at least two counts. First, as a professional disher outer, I should certainly be a thick-skinned taker, no matter how ill-considered, rude, vulgar, insulting or slanderous the criticism. Secondly, my email address ends in, and Crain isn't my name. It's the company's name, the founder's name, the owners' name and in my official correspondence I am speaking in some sense for them. And they aren't in the calling-people-jerks business.

But, gee, there's nothing to stop me from simply passing on the incoming email to the Bobosphere at large, without comment, is there? So herewith: the very first edition of Garfield:The Mailbox. It's one of scores of responses to my April 17 column on the Dodge Caliber "Fairy" spot, which I judged to be a hateful attack on the insufficiently macho. I continue to get flamed by readers who think a) I'm imagining something that isn't there, b) I'm a politically correct fool, c) I'm gay.

This one is from [email protected]

Did thomebody'th ockth get gored? O-o-o-o...
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