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Comcast Must Die: Part 6

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My crusade to bring a gigantic corporation to its knees is moving along apace.

Judging by the comment traffic in the Bobosphere, the infuriating impenetrability of Qualmcast customer service has created a deep vein of resentment and hostility -- which I intend to exploit to the fullest. I will not be satisfied until Qualmcast is on its knees, weeping. In fact, I won't be satisfied until it is heaving with sobs, squealing and hyperventilating and snot dripping from it nose.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

At least two readers, moved by my righteous jihad, have bought domain names for a website devoted to Qualmcast customer disservice. One is comcastmustdie.com, which is simple yet elegant. Another, cleverly, is comcatastrophe.com

One or both of them should be up and running within a few days.

The goal: to force Comcast into doing what it should have done of its own volition: pay real attention to individual complaints, instead of burying them on a hold queue or worse.

Posters will be encouraged to share their horror stories, and there will be a big blank spot for the eventual resolution. If Qualmcast jumps in to deal humanely with the customer, the website will so document. If it does nothing, the Comcast's Response box will stay blank.
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