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The Relaunch. No, Seriously. This Time I Mean It.

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Writing a book is hard. First of all, you have to type a lot of words, which is time consuming. Also you have to put them in the right order, which is itself harder than it sounds. Then, on top of that, an author is responsible for gathering so-called "facts," which requires a lot of grueling Googling and talking to strangers on the phone.

So, when 10 months ago I promised to write "Listenomics" online more or less in full public view, I wasn't lying. I was just being a little bit unrealistic about the timetable.

My bad. Now, however, I'm starting over.

Having spent the better part of the year on various false starts, I now have a lot of raw material gathered and much clearer idea of how the book will take shape -- a book, by the way, now titled "Listen."

Beginning on Tuesday, I will incrementally produce "Listen" in this space, inviting comments, suggestions and vicious kibbitzing from anyone in the vast Bobosphere. "Listen" isn't a Wiki, but by no means does a post represent the final version of anything. On the contrary, I hope each post, and each chapter (some of which has already been published as part of my ongoing Chronicles of a Revolution series) will become a point of departure for discussion, revision, correction, amplification, etc.

I say this, of course, knowing that my worldwide cult of followers may have lost the habit of checking into Garfield the Blog, due to the slight inconsistency of my schedule. My last post, I'm pretty sure, was about Three Mile Island.

Mind you, I still have to do ad criticism, and I still have to do a weekly radio show and I still traipse around the world pontificating from lecterns, but I'm going to try my hardest to give the Bobosphere what it deserves: a comprehensive look at the destruction being wrought, and the opportunities created, by the digital revolution. Together I think we can pull this off.

Somebody has to. And, listen, if not us, who?
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