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CareerBuilder Disses Its Agency Because 238 Morons Didn't Laugh Hard Enough

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We learned this week that our favorite lower primate -- the chimpanzee -- can fashion weapons to kill prey. What these apes cannot do is understand the word "insignificant."
This week, CareerBuilder.com put its creative account in review because it was disappointed with how its Super Bowl ads fared in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter. This is something like shutting down Butterball because someone in Indiana said the Thanksgiving turkey was dry.

The USA Today poll measures nothing -- not one single thing -- that any marketer should ever worry about. It is 238 civilians in various hotel meeting rooms registering whether they think a given commercial is entertaining. Uh, who cares? What matters is what information they're getting and how it might motivate them. The only Ad Meter question worth pondering is what makes the results more irrelevant: the statistically insignificant sample, or the judging of advertising based on entertainment value.

This year, CareerBuilder changed Super Bowl metaphors. The 2007 ads were a "Survivor" send up, caricaturing various business-life inanities. According to Nielsen, this resulted in the sharpest web traffic increase and largest number of page views for any Super Bowl advertiser.

So, yeah, better shop for a new agency. These guys obviously suck.

The irony of this is that Cramer-Krasselt put CareerBuilder on the map by portraying an office where a poor shlub was working with a "bunch of monkeys" who had no idea how to run a business. Lo and behold, that's just what happened to the agency.

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