NBC What I'm Talking About? II

Law(s of Economics) and Order

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We learn from The New York Times that NBC might cancel the longest running series on television because it cannot afford it anymore.

The entire Law & Order franchise hangs in the balance, because the revenue may not be able to justify production costs -- partly because the audience is eroding, and partly because Internet distribution is destroying the opportunity for hitherto lucrative re-run syndication deals.

"There is absolutely no back end," Wolf told Bill Carter. "I don't know where the money is."

How very "Chaos Scenario." This is from two years ago:

"Meanwhile, there is the sword of Damocles called 'cost.' The reality-TV fad has enabled networks to fill their ever-more-irrelevant schedules and cast for hits with cheap programming. But how much longer will they last? Westerns and spy shows, superheroes and hospital dramas all once burned bright. Then they burned out. What's ominous about that is not the inevitable end of the latest hot genre; it's the inevitable end of the profitability that has gone with it. And the downward spiral could begin at any moment."
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