Poor Dıck

For Chapter 14: "Nobody is Safe from Everybody"

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Prevıous posts have been about reputatıon destructıon onlıne.

So, in a digital universe that leaves anyone and everyone so exposed, what is there to do?

There is no single answer, although one good one might be to never do anything -- anything -- that you don't want to see pictures of on your daughter's cell phone. Another concerns shutting the barn door after the cow has fled -- or, as the practice is also known: public relations.

Image management has long been the mainstay of politicians, celebrities, business executives and other notables dissatisfied with how they are portrayed in the media or perceived by the public. Recently, a document surfaced from one such prominent American, who in 1970 obsessed over the face that his image of a humorless stiff and all-around SOB did not reflect his softer side.

So he knocked out an 11-page memo on his inner sweetness, asking his staff to get the media to recognize, for instance, his "treatment of household staff, the elevator operators, the calls that I make to people when they're sick, even though they no longer mean anything to anybody, the innumerable letters I have written to people when they have fallen on bad days, including even losing an election. No president could have done more than I have done in this respect, and particularly in the sense that I treated them like dignified human beings and not like dirt under my feet."

The italics are mine, because the phrase is just so...italicizable. Poor Richard M. Nixon. So tragically misunderstood.

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