"Pushing" Your Luck

The ABCs of Makegoods

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So my daughter Allison calls me Friday night. She is laughing so hard she is choking. She's been watching "Pushing Daisies" on ABC, and in the episode someone is murdered on an ocean cruise. Later, there is this bit of dialogue:

Lily: "Horrible the way Charlotte died. On a cruise. Last day spent surrounded by middle-aged, overweight women who wear sweatshirts with things sewn to them."

Vivian: "Usually kittens made of felt."

Lily: "The food is perfectly atrocious. Unless she enjoyed vomiting and diahrea. I can't imagine she had a good last meal."

Pretty funny, but that's not why Allie was laughing. She was laughing because the sponsor of the show was Carnival Cruise Lines.
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