The Republican National Committee Is a Bunch of Oxycontin-Gulping Pedophiles

Ha Ha. It's a Parody!

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The latest anti-Barack Obama video by the RNC purports to imagine what a German pro-Obama video would look like, considering all the adoration the Democrat received while abroad. To put it together, a Republican videographer (perhaps accurately identifying himself to German interviewees, but I wouldn't bet on it) got folks from the Obamafest crowd to rave about his qualities.

The process was all about getting incriminating sound bites. Bingo! Here are two of them:

"I have friends in America that are Marxists. And they support, they're working for ... Obama."

And, from a guy in a Che Guevara T-shirt responding to a question about whether there are similiarities between Che and Obama: "Yeah, because both want change."

So, let's see: The RNC goes to Europe, interviews non-U.S. citizens and cherry-picks the most alarming comments from attendees with whom, of course, Obama has no connection whatsoever. And combining the comments, invites you to view Obama as a communist fellow traveler.

There is a word for that: McCarthyism. Never mind the disclaimer "parody" that precedes the video; that's just a hedge against libel litigation along Falwell v. Hustler lines. What we have here is Swiftboating not from a proxy, but the RNC itself. And this is still July. By October, how scummy will these scumbags get?
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