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It has come to our attention that this isn't a blog. It shows up online and all, and it uses blog tools, and it hypertexts to our favorite links, but it isn't otherwise too bloggish. It isn't spontaneous enough, and it's too crafted -- essays with beginnings, middles and ends, versus random bloodletting.

Also, there's this "we" thing. It's a gimmick we've used for 20 years in building a persona for AdReview, but it seems a little weird in the more intimate setting of the Bobosphere, so we'll try to live without it.

As for the spontaneity afforded by this peculiar to this form of communication, well, spontaneity isn't everything. The cost is incautiousness, failure-to-think-things-throughness and all-consuming obsessiveness.

We're not all that obsessive. And I'm not, either.
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