Don't Run With Scissors

Lest You Discover They're Dangerous

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Discover Card, perennially everybody's, like, 17th choice for personal credit, has an image it wants to pound into your head.


A new multimedia campaign from the Martin Agency, Richmond, Va., is built around lots and lots of scissors showing up just everywhere. The message of the campaign is to use them to cut up all your other credit cards. Because, see, only Discover cares about you enough to give you what you really want in personal credit.

Uh huh.

What I want is non-usurious interest rates, no hidden charges buried in agate type in the credit contract and, most of all, no dinnertime phone calls and 10,000 pieces of junk mail a year trying to get me to spend even more money that I don't have. So is this the Discover difference?

No evidence of that so far. The opening wave of the campaign specifies almost nothing. So far all we know is that the itsy-bitsy little rebate is bigger than it used to be.

Maybe its premature to judge, but mark me down for dubious. On the other hand, I'll give them this: so far you can't accuse anybody of carelessness. After all, if you've got to run with scissors, you do want to hide the point.
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