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Comcast Must Die: Part 7

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Want to play a fun game of find-the-matches?

Compare this post, from a self-loathing Comcast "customer-service" rep, to my original screed against Qualmcast.

All will be clear, such as this most illuminating excerpt:

Ever wonder why anytime you request a supervisor that the CAE tells you that we will need to get your information and have one call you back, or we ask if you allow us the opportunity to assist yo.?

The reason for this is that we have escalation measures set in that a customer cannot speak to a supervisor unless the supervisor feels that he or she must take the call. Beyond that, it's the CAE's problem to calm down and take care of the customer. Usually the call may be taken away if the supervisor is listening to the CAE's phone call and see how irate the customer is, and that no matter what the CAE says a customer refuses to get off the phone unless they speak to a supervisor.

So if anyone was wondering why they can't just request a supervisor...then there is your reason. I actually think this is horrible and deplorable. If a customer wants to speak to a supervisor then they should do so...but only having one supervisor maybe a problem as well.

It's as if he was listening to my whole drama unfold. No wonder so many residents of the Bobosphere have weighed in with their own Qualmcast loathing. If all goes smoothly with the 1s and 0s, they will have an outlet by Friday afternoon, when goes online.
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