And AT&T Must Be Publicly Humiliated

Comcast Must Die: Part 8

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So, according to AT&T's revised terms of service, if you disparage the company your are subject to having your service cancelled.

Reach out, reach out and censor someone.

Almost makes me want to subscribe, so that when I say "AT&T is a craven, fascistic bully," they can cut me off and see what happens next. Alas, I can take on only one arrogant cable/telecom colossus at a time, and my hands are currently full with Comcast.

I don't know what my Qualmcast terms of service are, because -- like every other human being on earth -- I neglected to read them. Nobody ever reads anything online before the words "I Agree." What I do know is that the company has some listening issues -- in approximately the way Burma has some listening issues.

Soon, however, there will be relief. A volunteer in the Bobosphere has launched, which will provide a forum for those abused by Qualmcast, and an opportunity for Qualmcast to redeem itself. As promised in previous posts, the site is up -- but not yet quite functional. I'm assured that it should be running very soon.
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