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People Send Me All Kinds of Crap and a Few Gems and Now I Get to Share the Wealth

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To keep food on the table for the various AdReview offspring, what I do is write 600 word columns. It's a good gig. The money's fine and no special footwear required.

Plus, about half of what I write about gets sent to me unsolicited by a vast universe of publicists, optimists and fools. Over 20 years, many of the worst ads I've ever seen have been offered up to me with a press release about how excited the creative team was with the project. Then I commence a-savagin'.

Alas, most stuff I get over The Transom is neither praiseworthy nor savage-worthy in column form. "Cool" may be a review, but it comes in 599 words short. So, beginning right now, I get to harvest the pile under The Transom and share the wealth -- beginning with Bombay Sapphire Ginfrom Sugartown Creative, New York.

Shot in a haunting teal-gray, it shows an Indian elephant -- with some sort of royal markings above its trunk --maneuvering around a great hall, the floor of which is covered by hundreds of martini glasses. It's a bull in a china shop, only slower and with a lot of gin at risk.

The elephant gradually negotiates around the obstacles and up a stylized grand staircase, where he locates an extra specially special martini made of "smooth, crisp, unrivaled" Bombay Sapphire. He then uses his trunk to drop in two olives. For all the digital effects (no actual martinis were harmed in the filming of this spot) the narrative is a little obscure. It's impossible to register that Dumbo has found the Bombay needle in the rail-gin haystack. But the spot is nonetheless visually quite striking, and exotic and...


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