Trix Are For Kids

Silly Frenchmen, Don't You Know It's Sleazy to Fool Children?

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My daughter, who is almost six, had an enormous dinner just one hour ago. Sometimes she is just the hungriest little caterpillar.

So imagine my surprise a moment ago, walking through the kitchen and seeing she has just finished three entire cups of Trix yogurt (yes, two fruity colors in every cup!). A fourth cup sat opened but otherwise unidisturbed next to the empties.

"I can't believe you were still hungry," I said to her.

"I didn't win," she replied.

Didn't win? I looked at the package, and, sure enough, there was the Trix rabbit saying all you have to do is peel back the lid to see if you've won $10,000 "to TRIX-OUT your room." I don't know many units of Trix yogurt Yoplait sells. I do know that there are 2,000 lids with $10 prizes on the back and one with $10,000. Now explain those odds to a kindergartner.

I used a big bowl of sand as my analogy. I only wish one of the sleazebags from Yoplait had been present. Because when I was done with the sand, he could have pounded it.

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