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Yo, Hugo. I Also Have Misgivings About the Bush Administration

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Moments after Venezuela President Hugo Chavez brandished Noam Chomsky's anti-American screed from the podium of the UN General Assembly (to show that he isn't the only one who think's Geroge Bush is the devil), Chomsky's booksales started going through the roof.

It was in the 25,000-range in Amazon's rankings. Now, as Hugo would say, it's Numero Uno.
Slanders against Republicans in here, too!
Slanders against Republicans in here, too!

That is so unfair. I know at least one other book that takes a bunch of cheap shots at the GOP. El Presidente, I commend it to you. It looks like what you see here on the left.

At the moment, it's ranked 444,869 on Amazon. Next time you smell the devil, Hugo, hold up this one.
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