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For Chapter 4 -- "Spot On"

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In my last post, I discussed semi-pro ad makers, such as Pennsylvanian Kevin Nalty.

Nalty has already done ad-like videos for paying customers. In one, for Mentos, he is caught trying to sneak a roll of mints into a movie theater. The thing is, the Mentos roll is about five-feet long and it protrudes pretty glaringly from his trenchcoat.

The ad is much too long, too, and doesn't so much end as just stop, but it's a pretty clever idea.

Nalty did another for a website called, in which we hear the interior monologue of the female-voiced GPS in his car. As you might guess, she doesn't think much of him. The video is -- shall I say -- under-funny, but his client thought enough of it to post it on its site, headlined, zeitgeistily: "As Seen on YouTube."

His payment? Somewhere between $1000 and $5000.
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