How to Get Others to Go to Bat for Your Personal Brand

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Ioana Filip
Ioana Filip

Your personal brand should be managed as any other brand -- by increasing your perceived value to your targeted employer and thereby growing your own brand equity. Proper brand management will increase your market value or may get you into the right agency. Personal brands don't benefit from brand parity, so you need to manage yours exceptionally.

One way to do that is by cultivating personal brand advocates. By now, all of us should have a blog or at least a portfolio website that we regularly update, so it's time to start doing some online brand management. Talent seekers always research their potential employees on the internet, so you should do the same. Continually look for any information displayed on the internet related to you, your work or agency, and analyze how that affects your image. Act or respond in time to any issues related to your personal brand, and stay aware of market needs and the trends you can build upon.

With thousands of great creative people in the world who probably offer the same value as you, competition is huge. It's time to start your own CRM program, something that will make those talent seekers remember you. Sure, the only way to build up on your personal brand recognition is by doing great work, but if you think you're on the right track with your portfolio, it's good to think of ways to retain those headhunters on your website and slowly try to make them brand advocates.

Build a loyalty system that will help you attract visitors back to your website, by offering them something in return—anything from relevant news feeds to a personal touch on your portfolio, surveys or virtual creative brainstorming; basically anything that may be interesting to your target is a major advantage to other personal brands. Collecting data from your viewers may also be helpful but make sure you give them something in return. There's no real recipe for doing this; innovation is the key word here.

There are a dozen free traffic counters online, so make sure you have one on your website and analyze your situation regularly. Most of the time you can identify the people who have visited your website and you are able to know if someone in your target visited the website. This can help you make a move. Also, a counter can help you identify the weak links in your website and help you increase your bouncing rate.

If there's one thing the crisis has stimulated, it is the personal brand. In a market where competition is getting increasingly harder to break through, it's time you acted like a real brand manager and created your own brand advocates.

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