Don't Mind the Haters, Students; This Career's Still a Worthy Pursuit

Here's the Case for Majoring in Advertising in School

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Tyler Platts
Tyler Platts
Sometimes advertising gets a bad rap. I'm here to defend it. Advertising is what you make it. I've heard plenty of times that advertising is unethical. Hogwash. Anyone can make anything unethical -- politics, law, religion. Advertising is a great way to communicate to a mass audience and inform them of new products and services.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider advertising as a major, and not just because the cool kids are doing it. Forward this article to your friends and the naysayers.

1. The advertising major incorporates several fields.
Advertising includes other topics such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, marketing, business management, graphic design, art, film, computer science, English and consumer behavior, to name a few. Why just study one when you can get all this?

2. If it's your passion, go with it.
People always say to study what you love. Advertising was my mistress for a few years.

3. It invokes problem-solving skills.
Businesses have hired ad agencies for several years to help solve their problems. Advertising teaches you to dissect a problem and then solve it, and to solve it quickly.

4. It welcomes alternative perspectives.
If you think differently than most of your friends, think about studying advertising. New and different ideas thrive in this environment.

5. You're a people-person.
Being able to understand another person is a valuable gift. Being able to communicate to them and persuade them to purchase a product is priceless.

Tyler Platts is finishing his degree in advertising at Brigham Young University with a business-management minor. He interned in New York at Y&R as an account executive in the summer of 2009. He has filled many roles, such as account executive, planner and copywriter, in the BYU AdLab. The AdLab is a student-run, professionally mentored ad agency that does real work for real clients.
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