To Freelance or Not to Freelance?

A Look at the Pros and Cons

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Jeanette Guardiola
Jeanette Guardiola
These days people are doing what the can to bring home the bacon. Many creatives are often required to chose between freelancing or pursuing a full-time gig. Over time I've come to realize that people feel certain ways about freelancing, both good and bad, and this is the information that I've collected so far.

Freelance is often pursued because full-time gigs are scarcer. The main drawback about being a freelancer is that it is inconsistent. One week, two places can call you simultaneously, then a month or two can go by with no work. The other main drawback about being a freelancer is that you are not receiving health benefits via any employer. The good news about this is that The Freelancer's Union offers some options for people in those situations, as do some alumni associations.

Then there is the other side of the coin, the good aspects about being a freelancer. Being a freelancer could mean flexible hours and gaining experience by hopping from place to place with few or no strings attached (this is especially great for people who are constantly seeking a change of scenery). Freelance also allows you to test out different agencies and find the "right one," so that you won't have to settle down in a place that you are not necessarily keen on.

So what do you think? What's been your experience with freelance gigs?

Jeanette Guardiola is currently employed as a freelance art director for a Hispanic ad agency in lower Manhattan. She is also a recent grad of the Fashion Institute of Technology where she received a B.F.A in Advertising Design and an A.A.S in Communication Design. Her professional experience ranges from working in creative departments at ad agencies such as Leo Burnett and Y&R, to tutoring college students in Adobe CS3 and doing production design.
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