Is Your Personal-Branding Campaign Integrated?

Promote Yourself Consistently

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Ioana Filip
Ioana Filip
When working for an integrated campaign, a consistent message across media is crucial.

The same can be said of personal brands. When developing our virtual personal brands, we need to apply the same rules of integrated campaigns to how we present ourselves in social media.

We update our tweets and statuses every hour and create hooks to increase traffic on our blogs. Most of your Facebook friends are our Twitter followers, too. And Twitter followers check out MySpace pages, as well. We use social networks for developing our personal brand, but is our image united on all platforms?

Do you have a 360-degree personality?

Thinking of yourself as a brand is simply not enough. You should promote yourself as one, too -- with consistency. Take an integrated approach on social networks and share the same message on each of them. Call it integrated personal branding.

Share the same thoughts on all your social profiles. Balance talk about yourself on all the platforms and don't be chaotic; try to organize your thoughts. Think of yourself as a big campaign that needs to be communicated on different media with the same tone of voice, with different hooks but the same message. Once you have established that, start thinking of the interactivity of your own messages, as well. The more people are driven to comment on your status or message, the more followers you have. Just being intrusive on someone else's home page won't do. Make those people want to click your profile and website.

The best way to develop an integrated personal brand is by joining social networks and building up your personal brand from the very beginning. But given that most of you likely already have been tweeting and updating your status for a while, perhaps in a haphazard way, start today to be more consistent, to enhance your existing persona, rebrand yourself or simply to restore your reputation. And if you can't be consistent, maybe you should keep a low profile.

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