Prove You're More Than Just an Employee

Got a Job or Internship and Want to Keep It? Here's How

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Mansi Trivedi Mansi Trivedi
In my job-hopping and networking with agency executives, I have come to discover that the industry, now more than ever, needs innovators rather than followers. That said, in a rapidly changing industry, what can we, as junior-level employees or interns at agencies, do to deliver more than just ideas? How do we prove added value and demonstrate that we are more than just employees?

Three ways:

1. Discover "new." Take time away from advertising and dive into a cultural-exploration project. While everyone is fixated on Twitter and Facebook, think about what's next. Pay attention to the cultural niches, because they are tomorrow's mainstreams. Keep your eyes and ears open to what is happening around the world and apply that insight to a current project.

2. Display leadership. Be leaders of thought, innovation and disruption. Find new channels to reach target audiences. If you find out about a new business pitch, ask to participate and volunteer ideas.

3. Diversify your skill set. Try to find ways to challenge yourself by doing more than just your ascribed roles and responsibilities. Learn from friends. Read a book. Find new ways of research, learn Photoshop tricks, read "Economics for Dummies." You never know when they might come in handy.

Now more than ever, you need to stay viable in your job -- despite the added pressures and fear of layoffs. I am echoing industry voices when I say that our economy really needs people who can create a language around a brand rather than just advertising campaigns.

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