Go Beyond Quick Fixes, Even in a Recession

Millennials Can Boost Job Security Without Sacrificing Creativity

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Sarah Ewing Sarah Ewing
Recession. It's like a rampant disease that every office and employee seems either to be catching or is afraid of catching. In the creative environment, our vaccine is a bold attempt to focus our ideas on only those that will give us the most immediate bang for our long-term buck.

The most likely to take this vaccine? Millennials. Here is my humble stab at a few tactics that millennials might take to bolster their job security without sacrificing creativity:

Determine your sustainable competitive advantage and milk it. If you are an amazing social networker, figure out how you can use that to build clients for your organization. Then, use that skill as a launching point to further your career. For example, my primary line of business is to manage online advertising for the company I work for, ShoreBank Corp. As an ex-Googler, I am able to efficiently bring in optimization-over-optimization results improvement. That gives me time and credence to build in blog and Facebook strategy management.

Make lunch dates with colleagues to discuss business. A change in the atmosphere can stimulate ideas and the lunch can strengthen your internal connections. This internal connection strength could be the link that keeps you in the chain of your business.

Use online media to grab cross-industry marketing ideas. A CPG widget might be the perfect lead-generation solution for a financial product. Layering in these tactics to your creative proposals can help you to stir the pot and obtain status as the "idea person."

Measure and record your results. What gets measured gets done. That is very true at work. Uncover how your work is affecting the company's bottom line. Every increase in advertiser spend has an impact on these results.

Ask permission to try. If you have the positioning, the sustainable competitive advantage, the connections and the measurements, you should be in the perfect position to test-run an idea that could ultimately keep you in the business at a time when your firm might be reducing its force.

Just because recessions are scary doesn't mean it should scare the creativity out of you. As we move into the second quarter, we should all think about how we can use these strategies to help improve our existing work, both for the short term and the long term.

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