Tweetable Career Advice From Nine Under 30

Beyond Commencement Speeches, Heed the Words of Those Who Know

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Mansi Trivedi Mansi Trivedi
This time of year, on college campuses across the country, graduates are listening to speeches about success. But I think now is also a good time to listen to the advice of pioneering 20-somethings who decided to take roads less traveled and produce disruptive ideas.

The recent economic downturn has taught us a lot of things, one of which is the value of bold ideas. Now more than ever, we need to step out of our comfort zones and recognize where our passions lie.

Here, then, is the advice -- in 140 characters or less -- e-mailed to me from creatives and account executives from various shops about challenging norms and flipping the communications industry inside out.

Noah Brier, head of planning and strategy, the Barbarian Group, on ideas: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Nathan Helenie, co-founder-chief creative officer, Crush & Lovely, on process: "Stay young, curious and inspired. Become disciplined and resourceful. Make things. Move. Fail when necessary. Execute with love and precision."

Heidi Hackemer, senior account planner, BBH, on work: "Work your ass off. Love people/brands/culture. Embrace your crazy. Remember it's just advertising. And dance whenever possible. It helps."

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, co-founder, All Day Buffet, on people: "Surround yourself with positive and brilliant people, because you are the average of the five people you spend most time with."

Bud Caddell, strategist, Undercurrent, on leadership: "As a member of the most culturally and technologically literate generation, quit looking for a job and instead find an empire to sack."

Jinal Shah, strategist, Electric Artists, on being fearless: "1. Don't be afraid to break rules. 2. And have a point of view, no matter how provocative or silly you think it is."

Johanna Beyenbach, senior strategist, Naked Communications, on being bold: "Find what makes you so excited that there couldn't possibly be a plan B/go straight to the top and tell them so. This biz rewards the bold."

Hank Leber, CEO, Agency Nil, on criticism: "When you make something new and others criticize, realize that you actually made something, and all they made was a reaction."

JB Osborne, partner, Red Antler, on Twitter: "Lose the buzzwords. Anyone can quote a book or talk about Twitter. What matters are well-formed ideas based on real insights."

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