View From the Inside, Part I

One of My Non-Sequitur Columns, a Rambling List of What's Happening in the World of This Assistant Account Executive

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Michael Girts Michael Girts
I like to tell people that they gave me a corner office. It's my clever way of saying I sit in the corner. At the end of the hallway. In a makeshift cubicle. Using an in-store display featuring the Incredible Hulk. That's right, it's just me and the Hulk crammed at the end of the hallway. It's okay. One of the other interns who just went back to school? Her office was the closet. And she had a roommate. True story.

As reported right here in Ad Age, Leo Burnett has won the ISPA business. ISPA is, of course, the International Sleep Products Association--the trade organization for mattress manufacturers. As more and more people spend money on sleeping pills, Leo Burnett will try to tell the world what ISPA has always maintained: You don't need drugs, you need a new mattress. Should be interesting.

As part of the effort to win this business, I got to tell the Beef story. Leo Burnett came up with "Beef: It's What's For Dinner" in 1992. This campaign, along with "Got Milk," is regarded as one of the greatest association campaigns of all time. In putting together the case study, I watched old TV spots. I still can't get "Hoe Down" out of my head. You know the song.

It's possible I've developed a slight chemical addiction to the pink lemonade at our beverage station here on the 16th floor. It's like they put just a bit too much syrup in the machine. It's tart and kind of gross. And yet, I find myself saying, "I'm gonna go grab another cup of that disgusting lemonade." I want to stop, but I'm hooked. Is this what it's like for smokers?

I like living in Chicago. I'm just a couple blocks away from Wrigley Field. Last Tuesday I watched the Cubs deliver CC Sabathia his first loss in 12 decisions. A few days later they clinched the division. Chicago is a special place to be.

I'm glad Betty Draper is beginning to stand up to Don.

People really, really don't like the new Facebook layout. Such rage. Advertisers beware. I for one find it quite user-friendly.

It's one hell of a busy week here on the business-development team. It's amazing how everything hits at once. I'm learning as I go. And holding on tight.
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