A Dog Named 'Condom' Has India Rapt

New Spot Is Part of a National Anti-AIDS Efforts

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Puppies are cute. Condoms are useful in preventing the spread of AIDS. So it only goes to figure that a pup named after prophylactic will help get the word out about safe sex, especially in an Indian culture that's often shy when it comes to talking about these matters.

In a new ad from the country's National AIDS Control Organization, an old woman playing with a puppy asks its owner (and his omniscient parrot, of course) what the dog's name is. "Condom," they say, which she then repeats several times. When the man asks her how she can say that in public, she declares her support for condoms. The tagline, "Jo Samjha Wohi Sikander," translates to "The One Who Understands Is the Winner."

The spot is a cute, weird attempt to get people used to saying and hearing the word "condom." According to Afaqs, the ad is the fourth phase of a highly effective campaign to promote condom use that has also included a contest and a ringtone giveaway. Afaqs quoted one official claiming a 5% increase in condom sales between April and September 2008.

You can find other ads in the campaign here.
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