The Ads That Most Angered Aussies

Animated Beaver, 'Many Toppins' Top List of Most-Complained-About Ads in Australia

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The Advertising Standards Bureau, the body that regulates ads in Australia, has released a list of the ads that got the most consumer complaints in 2008. Topping it is this Kotex ad, which brought in more than 195 complaints largely because it represents part of the female anatomy with woodland creature.

Next up is a spot from Domino's featuring a character called "Many Toppins." His catchphrase,"Supercalafreakinawesome," bugged some consumers; 145 registered beefs with the ASA.

Somehow this marvel of subtlety from the Advanced Medical Institute annoyed more than 100 consumers.

In this Inghams Chicken ad, a spokeswoman says there's something wrong with you if you don't like chicken, warranting 100 or so complaints.

In this, the sixth-most irksome ad, Coca-Cola hired a SWAT team to put a pounding on the original team that concocted its relaunched flop of an energy drink, Mother.

For the full list, click here.

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