The Gulf Between Ads and Reality Captured on a German Website Pulls Together Unflattering Pictorial for New Book

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Nobody really expects their Whopper to look quite like it does on a Burger King poster, but the discrepancy between real life and advertising has become too much for the cultural commentators at German website Pundo 3000 to bear.

An ongoing web project -- "Food advertising versus food reality" -- has just been published as a book, which has gathered shots of packaging and serving suggestions alongside actual photographs that expose the harsh reality of the product. Even the most jaded consumer will recoil at the site of snotty cheeseburgers that don't even come close to what it says on the tin.

Sausage and cabbage is difficult enough to make appealing when served fresh, but when it comes in a plastic microwaveable container there is little hope of making it look good without some serious "styling" at the photo shoot.

Herring salad might not appeal to everyone, but when the fresh fish and vegetables turn out to be an indistinct form of pink slime in real life, it's going to disappoint even the most enthusiastic customer.

One hundred products are featured in the book, and they can be viewed at the website. Here's a translated version of the site.

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