In Latin America, DDB Goes Bernbach One Better and Installs Creative Trios

Introduces a New Creative Cell: Creative, Planner and Digital Specialist

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In the 1960s, Bill Bernbach came up with the brilliant idea of teaming up art directors and copywriters, which quickly transcended his DDB network and the U.S. border and became the model of creative departments in agencies all over the world since.

DDB is now working on a new creative structure, this time originating in Latin America. DDB Latina's president, Juan Carlos Ortiz, proposes that instead of pairs, creative teams are made up of a creative, a planner and a digital specialist.

Mr. Ortiz, native of Colombia, explained: "We didn't want to just tweak the old structure here or there. We wanted to make a radical change so that we can turn brand communications into a generator of social phenomena. With the way things are changing, agencies just couldn't stay still." DDB Latina claims that his new model is the one required by the brands today in order to exert a real influence in people's lives, saying, "This is not a choice. It is actually necessary."

It's about time somebody challenged the old structure. All of DDB's agencies in Latin America are ready to join this initiative. Not only in larger markets such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Spain, which is part if DDB Latina, but also in Veritas DDB of Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica and even Alma DDB from the U.S. Hispanic market.

Bernbach was a pioneer of the advertising industry revolution 50 years ago, but it is to be seen if this time, with the change coming from the South, the new structure will spread as easily to the rest of the world.

Since Mr. Ortiz was named president of DDB Latina in 2007, the Southern offices of the network, as well as in Spain and Miami, have been working more uniformly, aligned together with a common purpose: to create a "leading power of Latin influence."

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