New Aero Ad in U.K. Looks a Lot Like Old YouTube Clip

Chocolate Bar's Return to TV Reminscent of Video From 'Jackass' Member

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If the spectacle created for the new Aero chocolate bar ad looks familiar, that might be because you were among the 3 million or so viewers who watched a similar spectacle posted on YouTube nearly two years ago. The action in Aero's first TV spot in two years consists of pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist doing his stuff in a skate bowl filled with 50,000 brown balloons. Don't be too impressed though. Back in 2007, Dave England, a member of the "Jackass" crew, used two air compressors to fill up 8,000 balloons and then filmed Matt Beach skating through them. But, hey, those balloons were blue.

Here's the Aero ad, from JWT, London:

Now here's the clip on YouTube.

Aero parent company Nestle is trying to reposition a bar that's historically been marketed to women to young men. Hence the skateboarding. News coverage from the U.K. mentions the original clip, and it is acknowledged on the YouTube channel created for Aero.

Curiously, though, that citation seems to have confused European countries acting as surnames and says that "Balloon Bowl" was created by "Dave Holland," not Dave England.

Anyway, you can decide whether it's theft or homage. Tell us in the comments below.

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