Argentine Creative Big Carlos Perez Is All a-Twitter About Awards

He Offers Stream of Consciousness on Argentina's Poor Showing at Cannes

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Patricio Cavalli Patricio Cavalli
To open this exciting cycle of blogging from Buenos Aires, I wanted to begin with one of the most talked-about themes in the city this year: Argentina's less than stellar performance at this year's Cannes festival. There was heavy chit-chatting in creative circles about what was going on. And I wanted to know what a titan of Argentine creatives was thinking about this subject. So I asked Carlos Perez, president of the Argentine Circle of Creatives and president of BBDO Argentina, his opinion, and what he was thinking we could expect from the 2009 edition. [NB: When he mentions Twitter, Mr. Perez is referring to fragmented mode of communicating as on the popular website,]

Here's what he had to say:

A couple of Twitter thoughts on our insane Twitter thinking:

-a) Rankings and number of awards (Lions, in short) favor us: we feel happy.

-b) Poor ranking and number of awards: we are mediocre.

There is no line joining A and B, as both are close together: there are no nuances in between.

This year, Argentina seems to be b. Inexorable mediocrity surrounds us.

Our business suffers from eternal conclusions changing every 15 minutes.

Case: Two years ago the "death of Almap [BBDO]" was announced because it had not obtained a single Lion.

I still recall Serpa's wise smile as we were talking about this. He has won 11 Lions this year, and keeps smiling, of course.

Those who used to announce our death are now singing our praises.

What kind of advertising journalism studies are being carried out in the region?

We would improve our health and waste less energy if we thought about time spans which were longer than those of Twitter, say, 5 years.

The work of an agency, the results of a campaign or the "revolutionary value" of a piece would become clearer. Maybe all this I'm saying is quite obvious?

For over five years, Argentina has been producing acceptable work for the world, in favor or in spite of rankings.

I'm left with this impression, for some time at least.

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