Chrysler Will Relaunch in U.K. With Super Bowl Spot on Sky

In Canada, Budweiser Does a Super Bowl Ad but It's All About Hockey

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The U.K. doesn't have a lot of Super Bowl fans, but Chrysler hopes to wow them on Sunday by relaunching the brand during the British broadcast of the game on Sky satellite TV. A new spot aims to bring the magic of "Motor City" -- one of last year's big Super Bowl advertising success stories -- to British audiences. The Chrysler brand, which is returning to U.K. screens after a three-year absence, will reinforce its American heritage and adopt a new positioning, "Different is what we do."

London agency DCH, part of the Doner network, a Chrysler agency in the U.S., has adapted Wieden & Kennedy's famous "Motor City" spot for the U.K. market. The new ad is set in London, but contains only fleeting references to the city's more famous landmarks, choosing to show a gritty reality instead of the usual tourist montage.

The spot opens in Detroit, showing the same painted mural of men working that features in the original ad. A Chrysler 300C goes into a tunnel and emerges in London, where it cruises around the city while the voiceover talks about the brand's heritage and its ability to adapt -- to think fast and differently without losing sight of its values.

The Super Bowl is only watched by around 100,000 viewers in the U.K., but Chrysler chose to debut the spot during the game as a way to make an event of the re-launch and to reinforce its American roots. Chrysler signed a deal with Sky last fall to sponsor its coverage of the NFL, targeting Brits who are interested in American sports.

Andrew Hawkins, managing director of DCH, said, "We wanted to encapsulate the attitude of the U.S. positioning and make it appropriate to the U.K. It's more urban and real than other car ads."

Chrysler plans to spend $15 million on marketing in the U.K. this year. The multi-media campaign will be aimed at people who might normally buy an Audi or a BMW but are looking for something different this time. Chrysler is concentrating its efforts in Britain, where the brand has more resonance than in other European countries, and will launch a full range of cars in the U.K.

Elsewhere in Europe, Chrysler vehicles will be launched under the Lancia brand name, with ads by Lancia agency Armando Testa. Lancia is owned by Italian automaker Fiat, which has a global alliance with Chrysler and owns a major stake in the U.S. automaker. Last week Fiat, and one of its local Italian agencies, Cube Libre, launched a more Italian-themed homage to the famous Motor City spot.

Apart from the U.K.'s Super Bowl spot for Chrysler, the only country outside the U.S. where marketers and agencies throw themselves into creating ads for the Super Bowl is Canada, where about 7 million people watch the U.S. football game. This year, Budweiser and Anomaly are breaking a Super Bowl spot that is so Canadian that it's about hockey.

In "Flash Fans," two amateur men's hockey teams think their game is going to be filmed for a documentary and are stunned when hundreds of fans, TV cameras, a giant jumbotron, mascots and play-by -play announcers turn up and the film crew creates a spot that makes their amateur game look like a slick major league match.

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