How to Keep Creativity in Town When Rents Rise

Amsterdam's Bureau Broedplaatsen Project Is a Lesson in How to Maintain Creative Culture

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Chidi Onwuka Chidi Onwuka
A city is only as cool as the level of creativity within it. And the cooler a city becomes, the more people want to live there. This, in turn, pushes up the cost of studio/hanging out space beyond what up-and-coming creative souls can afford. Amsterdam's local government understands this and has come up with a solution.

The Bureau Broedplaatsen Project -- or Breeding Ground Project -- uses a combination of subsidy, management and re-colonization of old buildings to take care of business when it comes to "finding and developing affordable studios and living/working spaces in Amsterdam for artists and alternative cultural entrepreneurs."

One of its projects is the Stubnitz, an old fishing vessel that's been resurrected as a mobile cultural platform that offers space for art exhibitions, concerts, DJs and dance. Here's a link to the project's website where you can find more information and a virtual reality tour.
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